Act for Healthy Forests

Help us protect Atlantic Canada’s forests from a devastating spruce budworm outbreak.

An infestation in Québec is at 7 million hectares and growing. This is equal to the land mass of the entire province of New Brunswick. Spruce budworm cannot be allowed to spread to Atlantic Canada.

What’s at stake

  • The Economy - $15.3B potential direct and indirect losses to the Atlantic Region economy over 40 years. 57,000 person years of employment. 3.2M m3 yearly decrease in the Atlantic Region wood supply for 30 years.
  • The Environment - Millions of hectares of dead forest will have a huge impact on our environment, including: increased risk of forest fires, loss of wildlife habitat, and significant greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The Last Outbreak - A massive spruce budworm outbreak in the 1970s and 80s covered almost all of Atlantic Canada.
  • Forestry Communities - Communities throughout Atlantic Canada rely on a strong forest economy.

The Solution

Scientists with the Canadian Forest Service and several universities in the region have developed an innovative early intervention strategy to detect and treat populations of spruce budworm before they reach outbreak levels.

The strategy has been implemented and tested since 2014 thanks to a partnership of industry, researchers, and government. It's working so far, but if we stop now an outbreak is inevitable, and we can expect it to kill much of Atlantic Canada's forests.

We need the Government of Canada to commit to continuing to be a funding partner in this important work. Please contact your MP to express your support.


“If we don't do something we can expect dead forests.”

“It was like a disaster here.”

“We need a healthy forest to keep our economy going.”

“There's strong support.”